Hello World From Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe rural bus travelling

We write to you from the beautiful country of Zimbabwe. A place we have called home for over 35 years.

As we are native to this land we have seen a number of things happen that the rest of the world can just look at and marvel.

We’ve seen what it is like to supply food to neighbouring countries and even having nationals from these said countries come here to buy in hordes.

We’ve seen the flip side of that, where after a questionable method, albeit necessary, land re-distribution exercise Zimbabweans  found themselves on the other end of the stick that would not only see a mass exodus of nationals from the country, but also witness the country becoming a pale shadow of itself.

Record inflation was recorded to the extent that the country eventually did away with the Zimbabwe dollar and adopted a ‘multi-currency’ system, where up to ‘8 currencies can be used’.

Out With The Old, In With The New

We also had the oldest leader, Robert Mugabe, for what seemed like an eternity, but he called it a day close to the end of 2017. That being done, we have a new Sheriff in town after a disputed election it looks like we’re on the road to recovery.

It’s been downhill for the last 17 years or so and seeing the powers that be wanting to bring about change and a return to normalcy is a pleasing thing to see. As such, we anticipate with this smell of fresh air will come a number of tourists wanting to see, experience and capture the moments of this beautiful country in all its glory.

Though we are not yet at 100% and there are a number of obstacles in the way, the purpose of this blog is to help people wanting to travel to Zimbabwe with information that they need to ‘know before they go’ (I like the way that rolls off my tongue, so I had to include it).

What Will One Need To Know Before Travelling To Zimbabwe?

I can think of a host of things, especially because we don’t function like the rest of the world. It would seem than on a number of items, the world decided to take one route and Zimbabwe went in the total opposite direction. Things like ‘money’ don’t operate the same here, we have upto 8 means of payments that work here, no, not currencies, but means of payments. There are different definitions of what ‘cash’ is here, and items will cost differently based on what you’re holding in your hand